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12 week health management program summary


There is close relationship between central obesity and many chronic diseases, such as metabolic syndrome (high blood pressure, high blood lipid and diabetic), chronic inflammation(allergy, immune issue, joint pain and digestive system inflammation), and many types of cancers. Maintaining healthy body weight, waist size ad BMI  is critical for a healthy long life.


Our 12 week health management program will try to introduce the latest health concepts, especially the science-based low GI eating, and utilize one-to-one follow-through coaching, to guide the clients into a healthy lifestyle, including how to choose the right food, how to read the food label, and how to include proper exercise. This will help our client to reach the goal of weight loss, decreasing belly fat and waist size, minimize the symptoms from metabolic syndrome and prevent more serious diseases. Living a healthy lifestyle is the only effective and long term way to keep our health. Our follow-up statistic showed that 5-year body weight maintaining rate is much higher than other weight loss program, and low GI eating is the best choice to improve health. Our 12 week coaching program focuses on making the right choice about food and behavior, and is a very practical and enjoyable way of life.


Expected results: (1) maintain healthy weight, decreases waist size and BMI; (2) prevent and improve metabolic syndrome such a high blood lipid, high blood pressure, central obesity and fatty liver, etc.; (3) prevent cancers related with dietary patter, minimize the risk of cancer recurrence and metastasis; (4) improves chronic diseases related to chronic inflammation, such as allergy, joint pain, and digestive issues.


【Coach Profile】

Xiaoli Liu, MD., Ph.D, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School


Dr. Liu received her MD and Ph.D in China. She came to US in 1999 and worked as a researcher at Harvard Medical School and Queen’s University in Canada. She currently works as an instructor at Brigham & Women’s hospital. Dr. Liu has research funding through NIH as well as China 973 grant. Her research group focuses on stem cell application in both heart disease and eye degeneration disease.


In recent years,Dr Liu has spent a lot of time focusing on dietary, nutrition, lifestyle and longevity. She has trained many health lifestyle coaches in both US and china. She was invited to lecture at many health organizations in China. Through the online seminars, she has coaches many customers to cure themselves by living a healthy lifestyle.